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Benefits Of Using Agricultural Plastic Film Malaysia Farmers May Not Know

Up till now, a lot of people are not aware that there are numerous benefits of agricultural plastic film Malaysia based farmers or agriculturists don’t know yet. When these benefits become a common knowledge in Malaysia, a lot of large scale farmers will adopt it and it will increase their yield in the long run.

Without further ado, here are some of the major benefits of agricultural plastic film Malaysia farmers need to consider.

Early growing of crops

A good benefit of agricultural plastic film Malaysia based farmers may not be aware of is the trapping of heat. The film traps heat in the soil thereby raising the temperature. So, farmers would not need to wait till a particular season when the atmospheric temperature will be higher before they start planting their crops.

It is needless to remind you that early planting also leads to early harvest. This is one of the reasons highly technology driven farms usually produce all kinds of crops all through the year. Some large scale farmers no longer wait for a particular season to plant certain crops. In fact, this could be the biggest benefit of agricultural plastic film.

Temperature regulation

Sometimes higher temperature may not be as desirable as lower temperature. This happens in the days of summer when the weather will be hot. Additional heat may become harmful. In this kind of situation, white plastic film can be used for mulching as it will reflect the rays of the sun instead of absorbing it.

Weed control

Sunlight facilitates weed growth because it makes the soil compact. When plastic film shields the areas around your crops from the sun, chances of weed growing around the crop will be very slim. When weed does not grow around your crops they won’t share soil nutrients with your crop. This also means your crops will grow faster.

Retention of moisture

Sunlight facilitates evaporation. When your crops are blocked from direct rays of the sun by plastic film, the rate of evaporation will reduce. The soil will retain more moisture and it will require less water. This is a very good benefit in areas where water conservation is a major concern.

Reduced fertilizer leaching

When too much water goes into the soil, it erodes the soil of some nutrients. Mulching using plastic film helps to prevent excess water from going into the soil. So the use of plastic film reduces fertilizer leaching.

It increases crop quality

Plastic mulching prevents your crops from having a direct contact with soil. This makes them cleaner. Mud can splash on crops during irrigation and it can lead to rot. Plastic mulching prevents this too. This is why crops grown from plastic mulching generally have higher quality and they are safer.

However, you can only enjoy all these benefits when the plastic film is installed properly. This is why you must patronize a highly experienced agricultural plastic film company as they also install it.

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