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Properties of Suitable Bin Liners

Bin liners are excellent materials for lining bins or waste containers. They play an essential role in keeping the bins sanitary by eliminating bin contact with rubbish.  After the bag in the waste bin is filled with litter, most bin liners can be conveniently pulled out by its edges, closed, and tied. It’s worth noting that most bin liners today are made out of plastic.

Bin liners have been widely adopted for collection, storage, disposal, and handling of different waste such as clinical, recycling, domestic, hospital, and kitchen waste, among others. Big liners are one of the most essential items for any household, office or factory.

They help keep both households and workplaces clean. It’s imperative to buy bin liners in bulk instead of  making purchases on a daily basis

Bin liners vary in terms of characteristics and technical advantages. Some of the properties of suitable bin liners include:

High puncture resistance

Customers want quality bin liners that are made from tough and puncture resistant polythene. Super tough liners are available for heavier applications. You want proven and tested bin liners that will do the job properly. Sturdy bin liners tend to be more effective and do not tear off easily.


Suitable bin liners should be designed using strong polythene materials. Being leak-proof and strong makes the bin liners ideal for carrying heavy waste materials. If your bin liner leaks, the waste will make your bins and environment unpleasant. It’s thus imperative to choose the right thickness.


Having the right thickness ensures the bin liner can hold an adequate amount of garbage. Bin bags should be able to reliably hold the weight they are designed to hold. Customers are able to determine the bin liners that will do the job, based on the level of thickness.


It’s imperative to choose a bag that is large enough to carry a significant amount of garbage. A medium-sized outdoor bin bag is an excellent choice and is suitable for diverse applications. Bin liner suppliers should conveniently break their product range into different categories depending on size. This enables quick and easy selection by customers.

Choosing the right supplier

 Your bin bags supplier of choice should provide excellent after sale service and welcome reviews from clients in order to enhance their business. With advancement in technology, bin bag manufacturers are able to convey the dimensions of their bin liners on their website and catalogs. Consequently, consumers are able to make more informed decisions.

Plastic Supplier Malaysia is the go-to company for the reliable supply of garbage bags, and bin liners at competitive prices. We ensure zero compromises on quality and supply quality bin bags that are sturdy do not tear easily. Our bin liners are ideal for factories, offices, schools, hospitals, commercial cleaning, and many other industrial and household uses.

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