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6 Actionable food waste management tips

Keep a lid on it

The importance of keeping the lid of your food waste bin tightly closed cannot be overstated. It helps prevent fruit flies and other small animals from getting inside the bin to lay eggs. Additionally, closing the lid eliminates bad odours. After your bin bag is full, you should properly tie it before disposal.

Keeping food waste away from direct sunlight

It’s worth noting that heat can speed up smells. Therefore, you should store your food waste bin bags away from direct sunlight. This is essential for both indoors and outdoors bins.

Regular cleaning

It’s essential to keep waste bins in excellent condition. In this regards, you should rinse out your food waste bin at least once a week with hot water. Additionally, you can use natural odour remover such as lemon juice.

Using quality food waste bin bags

It goes without saying that food waste bin bags play a critical role in your waste disposal and management. Food waste bags make it much cleaner and easier to get your waste into your outside bin. It’s essential to buy quality bin bags that will hold adequate amounts of waste with utmost tear resistance.

Buying food with less packaging

Food that comes with a lot of packaging adds a significant amount of waste in your home. It’s thus advisable to buy food with less packaging, especially plastic packaging. For example, you can buy cereals and dry foods in bulk and transfer the foods in plastic containers when you get home. Many homeowners have replaced paper towels with rags that can be reused.


A large amount of food waste can be effectively composted. With a bin and some adequate space, you can easily compost your waste. Besides adding nutrients to your garden, your excess food won’t go to waste.

 A suitable compost site should be a shaded place near your house. You can start with either a cold compost or hot compost. As much as we try to effectively dispose of garbage, at the same time it’s imperative to try and minimize the amount of waste we generate in the first place.

Plastic Supplier Malaysia is the go-to company for the best food waste bin bags. Our trash bag and bin liners range have been widely used to effectively manage food waste both inside and outside of the home. Proven and tested in the field, the products are designed to help our customers achieve effective waste management.

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