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Factors To Consider In Your Choice Of Plastic Bag Supplier

If you run retail stores, you will definitely need plastic bags for your customers. Of course, there are numerous plastic bag suppliers in Malaysia but their services and charges often differ. Your choice of long term plastic bag supplier will definitely have an impact on your business. So, when it comes to picking a plastic bag supplier, Malaysia based retail store managers should not just do a random selection.

They need to consider some important factors. Here are some of the requirements for every reliable plastic bag supplier Malaysia based companies should consider.

Competitive prices

Price matters in any business and different plastic suppliers offer different charges. So, in choosing a plastic bag supplier, Malaysia based businessmen should consider competitive prices. It is often a good idea to check the prices offered by different suppliers before making a choice.

While it is normal for the pendulum of your choice to swing towards the supplier with the lowest prices, you should not base your judgment on only competitive prices. There are several other factors to consider.


It is important to go for a supplier that offers a wide variety of plastic bags. There should be variety in design, size, and color. You may think all customers care about is a plastic bag big and strong enough to carry their items. This may hold true for your male customers but female customers and teenagers are usually picky about the color of the plastic bags in which their products are packed.

If you have the time, you could carry out a survey on it and you will be shocked to find out that customers consider both design and color of their plastic bags even though they may not use the bags more than once.

Custom design

It is possible that you prefer a custom design if you find out that the ready-made ones will not meet your needs. So, you need to consider a supplier that offers custom design. By choosing what you want, you will be able to stipulate the design, sizes, colors, and toughness depending on the kind of products you sell.

Quicker turnaround time

You must find out how long it takes to get your order after placing it. This is a factor that you must consider. You definitely want to receive your stock as soon as possible immediately after placing your order. This implies that you must always ask your prospective suppliers for their turnaround time.


Every business is unique. Even if other companies sell the same kind of products you sell, your business processes will be different. So, you need a supplier that can be flexible. For instance, initially, there may be a cap on the credit facility given to your company. After a long period of partnership, some suppliers will remove the cap and you will be able to get any amount of stock on credit because of goodwill borne out of long term patronage.

However, some suppliers will never remove the cap no matter how long you have been patronizing them. You need to consider this in your choice of patronage too. For more information about plastic bags contact Yong Ma Industries.

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