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Plastic Mulch: The Pro’s And Con’s.

Plastic mulch is commonly used in large-scale farming and agriculture to help produce better crops. There are a number of reason why utilizing plastic mulch with your crops can not only promote healthier plant growth but can also result in an earlier growing season.


Early Start On Planting Crops:

Plastic mulches can come in a number of colors and these colors can affect the soil temperature. To keep soil warmer and making it possible to begin growing season earlier use a dark colored plastic mulch or a clear color mulch. This will attract the sunlight and result in the underlying soil to be heated.

During the summer season or for plants that need cooler soil temperatures utilize a white plastic mulch. The white will reflect the sunlight away from the area and therefore will bring soil temperatures down.

Reduces Water Loss And Wastage:

Plastic mulch can help evenly distribute water moisture among the plants as well as better retain this moisture.

Less Upkeep:

Since most of the suns light never reaches the surrounding soil of your crops you will be doing a lot less weeding. Plastic mulch does not always prevent the growth of many annual or perennial weeds but can greatly reduce the number that spring up. Generally the only time weeds will end up growing is if the plastic mulch has a tear or hole somewhere in it.

Better Crop Quality:

Since plastic mulches line the ground less of the fruits and vegetables will come in contact with it. This will result in less rotting of your crops and can be highly beneficial during rambutan, durian season or even mango season.

Stronger Crop:

Since the plastic mulch is aiding in regulating moisture distribution as well as keeping the crops weed free there is little damage done to the plants roots. Weeds growth can greatly damage the root of your crop by entwining their roots to your crop roots, when pulled your crops roots are pulled also.

What To Keep In Mind When Using Plastic Mulch:

Using plastic mulch for your crops can be a very rewarding decision but you also need to keep a few things in mind before you move forward. It may seem as though you can simply just buy the rolls of plastic mulch and lay them down to cover your next harvesting field. Plastic mulch does require specific tools and equipment to properly line the plastic with crop rows. Certain equipment is used specifically for the mulch application to help shape the soil and you will also need to have transplanters to plant the desired crop in designed. This could mean additional labor cost for the installation and for after the harvest to remove the plastic mulch. Do not let the cost intimidate you, you can easily make back this additional cost from being able to yield more crops and from being able to have a head start on the growing season.

Although plastic mulch may cost more to use, the results from utilizing plastic mulch with your crops can easily offset this additional cost. There are a number of benefits to using plastic mulch that helps promote healthier and stronger crops. It can also allow you to begin planting sooner, which puts you ahead of the competitors not using plastic mulch.

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