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The Case For Plastic Packaging Bags In Malaysia

The packaging industry owes a lot of its successes to plastic packaging. For many years, plastic has been the material of choice for the world’s packaging needs and beyond, because of its many endearing properties.

Although, many are clamoring for a shift in the material of choice for packaging solutions – from plastic to paper, the truth remains that plastic still holds a lot of advantages over other packaging materials. The use of plastic packaging bags in Malaysia is as high as it is for good reason. Some of these reasons are listed below.


Plastic packaging bags are more durable than packages made out of materials like paper. Because of better elasticity and more tensile strength, they are able to withstand more stress than paper bags before failing. Plastic bags can also be stored and reused again and again, thereby giving more use out of one purchase.

It’s durability helps to save money and reduce pollution when done right.

Feeds the Recycling Industry

Most of the plastic packaging bags in Malaysia are manufactured from recycled plastic materials. The popular argument is that the non-biodegradability of plastic makes such bags a liability to the environment. The fact, however, is that they can be continually recycled and remade into newer plastic bags (or other plastic products) as the need demands.

A number of jobs in the recycling sector rely on plastic, therefore it contributes it’s own share to the livelihood of a number of people.

Capable of Withstanding the Elements.

Plastic packaging bags come in different textures and compositions to achieve the purpose of safe carriage. They are better at withstanding the elements because of their waterproof nature and the fact that they can be coloured to offer protection from sunlight. Paper bags will crumble at the touch of a little water, let alone when they have to withstand full blown rain.

In fact, it is not unusual to see someone try feebly to cover themselves with the plastic packaging bag they’re holding when hit by sudden rain. Attempt that with paper bags and the story is different.

Lightweight and Stylish

Plastic is a pliant, lightweight material and doesn’t add a lot to the overall weight of the load to be hauled with it. Paper packaging often has to be done in form of boxes, same goes for Styrofoam and other materials; but the flexibility of plastic means that packages made out of it can be precisely sized to eliminate untasteful bulges, hence allowing ease of carriage.

They are also designed in different colors to fit the style of the packagers and their customers. The finished job is usually more beautiful than other packaging materials. 

And on a final note, should you require plastic packaging bags in Malaysia, for any purpose and in any location, look no further than Yong Ma industries, you’ll be glad you did.

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