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Plastic Table Cover Malaysia Business Blossoms

A table cover has a practical and aesthetic function. Decoration and protection have always been a function of a table cover. The advent of the plastic table cover Malaysia business has created new dimension in practicality and decorative simplicity.

A plastic table cover Malaysia supplier finds a huge range of markets. The restaurants of Malaysia that offer multicultural cuisine are actually a small part of the market. Schools, large meeting facilities, airports, and places of worship offer a much larger market for the simple idea of plastic table cover Malaysia practicality.

These are the practical and decorative features that plastic table cover Malaysia manufactures offers any business in Malaysia.

The right size

Plastic materials can be selected from pre-cut sizes that are bagged in quantities that fit the need of any operation regardless of size. Covers that hang loosely are available. Tight fitting covers are also available. A customer can order the exact size that they need for a huge number of tables.


A color that matches and accents the décor that is already present in a facility enhances the atmosphere in the establishment. Plastic table covers can be had in a number of colors like rose red, white, blue, green, black, and clear.


Durability depends on the material and the thickness of the material. HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE have proven to be the longest lasting materials for table covers. The chemical structure resists damage from heat. The materials can be cleaned easily with soap and water.

The plastics do not show signs of normal use over time. The table covers are not indestructible and will eventually wear out. They do last longer than cloth. Thicknesses up to 15 microns improve longevity.

Environmentally safe

HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE were designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The materials can be made from recycled table covers in part. This means that the worn out table cover is never a pollutant. The user simply returns a bundle of unusable table covers to the manufacture. There is a recycling bonus in that applies to a new order.

Ad Value

A plastic table cover can be ad space for your business. You can sell ad space on the plastic table cover for other businesses. The ad can be as simple as a decal. The decal can be replaced and eventually removed when the table covers need to be recycled. The business gets a second source of income.


Plastic covers cost much less than fabric. Cost is a very important consideration for large venues like schools that have a heavy attrition rate on table surfaces. Plastic covers allow a facility to spend resources in places where they are needed the most. The business still maintains customer appeal.

Contact Yong Ma for more information about the variety of materials, colors, thickness, and sizes available for your business.

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