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Talking trash-the ins and outs of bin liners and rubbish bags

Rubbish bags are convenient and hygienic in reducing clean-up time in office, home, industry. Many firms and households today use rubbish bags for applications that involve food contact, for example, to hold powders, inks, and food items. Also, rubbish bags have been widely adopted for medical application. These are some of the fundamentals you should consider when purchasing rubbish bags.

Raw material

When it comes to the manufacturing of rubbish bag, the final responsibility for the decision for whether a raw material is fit for a particular application lies with the company. However, it is critical that the manufacturer complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

Lightweight and portable rubbish bags enhance convenience in waste management.

The importance of  selecting  the right material for your rubbish bag and bin liners cannot be overstated.

Low density vs. High density polythene

Rubbish bags made of high-density polythene offer excellent tensile strength. However, they are easily punctured by sharp object compared to other materials. In this regards, HDPE ( high density polythene) are suitable for use in environments where sharp corners are not a significant part of the garbage going into the bin.

For many years, LDPE (low density polythene) has been the material of choice for rubbish bag manufacturers. Due to their thickness, the material is very ideal for heavy duty applications.

Nature of garbage load

It goes without saying that the nature of garbage varies depending on factors such as the environment. Some garbage has sharp corners but is not very heavy, and vice versa.

Larger rubbish bags with increased thickness are excellent for holding heavy holds that have minimal sharp objects. In order to make the most economical choice, you should consider the types and nature of the garbage load.

Strength options

When it comes to rubbish bags, strength options are available according to the application.  Rubbish bags with standard strength are suitable for general purpose use involving light to medium garbage loads. For trash comprising of boxes, wood, and other heavy scraps, it’s imperative to go choose heavy strength. Extra heavy strength options are available for applications involving highest warehouse trash.


The importance of purchasing leak-proof rubbish bags cannot be overstated. This protects consumers against messy spills. Using the right quality bin liners helps keep bins clean and sanitary. Using the right rubbish bag helps promote hygiene and cleanliness in your environment. In some instances, content spillage and leakage can lead to health hazards.

Weather resistance

Your rubbish bag of choice should provide excellent water and weather resistance. This makes them ideal for both indoors and outdoor environments.

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